How AI Will Supercharge Digital Marketing and Advertising

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How AI Will Supercharge Digital Marketing and Advertising

Over the past two decades, digital advertising has transformed how people access information, content and services worldwide. It generates revenue for content creators and publishers while fueling business growth for companies of all sizes. However, technologies are constantly evolving and changing how users interact with information. The rise of AI will further revolutionize these interactions and how businesses connect with customers. 

At Google I/O earlier this year, Google shared more details on how AI will boost marketing and advertising performance, as well as tools businesses can leverage to accelerate growth. This article analyzes how AI is already helping, currently helping and will continue helping marketers and advertisers in the new era of AI marketing.

Advertising Will Receive More AI Assistance

Previously, advertisers spent significant time setting up, adjusting, building and optimizing ads. But with new AI technologies, the process will become much simpler with more automation and fewer manual tasks. Google's AI technologies will provide advertisers more ways to increase ad performance, create creative ads and protect people from fraudulent ads.

AI will also revolutionize how people interact with information and how businesses connect with customers. User experiences will improve with more accessible ways to access online content and information. Breakthroughs in large language models like Google's Palm 2 mean platforms can better understand complex search queries to help people find what they need faster and more accurately. 

Advertising Remains Important for Discovery

Ads will continue playing a key role in helping people discover products and services from millions of businesses. For commercial keyword searches, Google matches intent with relevant advertisers. For brand keywords, users can find more information about that brand/business and its products/services. 

This is why Search Ads remain a natural part of the overall Search Experience. AI will further improve relevance between queries and ads, ensuring advertisers respond accurately to what customers are looking for.

How AI Will Supercharge Digital Marketing and Advertising

Performance Will Improve in Uncertain Markets

AI also provides advertisers more guidance in a complex, fast-changing advertising world - valuable during periods of macroeconomic uncertainty. For example, Google's Performance Max campaigns can now leverage AI to uncover new potential opportunities brands may not have explored before. Advertisers simply specify campaign goals or input assets, and Google's technologies will automatically create and run highly effective ads across all Google surfaces like Search, Gmail, YouTube.

Performance Max advertisers have demonstrated an average 18% higher conversion rate at the same cost-per-action. As economic conditions fluctuate, AI can help advertisers optimize performance.

More Support for Ad Formats

As mentioned, AI will change how businesses encounter and interact with customers as the number and types of platforms people use evolves dramatically. AI can more easily create content in multiple formats for these diverse platforms. Shorts content creation and advertising is one example. 

Increased Transparency and Control

Transparency and control must remain core principles for advertising experiences. People now have more options to view and interact with ads through tools like Google's Ads Transparency Center and My Ad Center. In just five months after launching, Google saw over 120 million visits globally to My Ad Center alone.

My Ad Center gives people more control over the types of ads they see on Google. Developing these new tools and technologies remains a commitment to create more opportunities for businesses of all sizes.

Supporting Business Growth and Communities

The benefits of digital advertising for communities cannot be understated. 4 in 5 small business advertisers and publishers said digital ads help them compete against larger companies. 

Google remains committed to building new tools and technologies creating opportunities. As technological and user behavior changes, digital advertising must evolve as a positive force fueling both economic opportunity and societal progress.


How can advertisers leverage AI?

Advertisers should focus on Google's Performance Max campaigns and Broad Match keyword options which leverage AI/ML. They automatedly explore new opportunities and improve relevance between ads and search queries.

What are the benefits of AI for marketing?

AI streamlines processes like ad setup, optimization and delivery across platforms. It improves performance through personalized relevance while providing strategic guidance, especially in unstable markets. AI also empowers creation of diverse, creative ad formats.

How does Google protect user privacy with AI?

Google provides controls through tools like Ads Transparency Center and My Ad Center. AI also enhances privacy and security by helping filter fraudulent or irrelevant ads from user experiences. Google remains committed to user consent, transparency and responsible development/use of AI.

What opportunities does AI open up for businesses?

AI opens many new opportunities for businesses of all sizes by automating tasks, uncovering insights, optimizing performance and connecting businesses to customers across the evolving digital landscape. It supports growth, data-driven decisions and competitive advantage - especially valuable for small businesses.


AI is transforming digital marketing and will continue supercharging performance for innovative advertisers. By leveraging AI-powered solutions like Performance Max, businesses can automate processes and uncover new opportunities even in unstable markets. AI also improves user experiences through personalized relevance and controls. As technological changes evolve customer interactions, AI ensures digital advertising enhances lives through opportunities, information and connections. Marketers should constantly explore new AI-driven opportunities to gain competitive advantages.

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