Onus App Review: A Comprehensive Look at Vietnam's Fastest Growing Crypto Platform

Onus is a Vietnam-based cryptocurrency platform that has seen tremendous growth since launching in 2020. In this in-depth, I evaluate Onus from the perspectives of both small retail traders and long-term investors.

Founded in 2020, Onus was one of the first crypto platforms in Vietnam to allow buying and selling digital assets with minimal capital. With over 1 million downloads in just two years, Onus has captured a significant portion of Vietnam's fast-growing crypto consumer market.

What is Onus?

Onus is a cryptocurrency trading and savings platform available as mobile apps for Android and iOS. Its key features include the ability to buy over 200 cryptocurrencies with as little as 100,000 VND (~$4 USD) per trade. The app also incorporates portfolio tracking, high interest rates on idle balances, and integration with local Vietnamese banks. 

Trading Interface & Features  

Onus made crypto accessible in Vietnam through its simple buy/sell interface. Users can place market and limit orders across BTC, ETH and over 100 altcoins with just a few taps. While advanced charting is unavailable within the app, Onus provides helpful market data and price alerts. Portfolio values are continuously displayed.

While Onus only allows manual stop-losses currently, the development team has communicated future plans to incorporate configurable take-profit and stop-loss orders directly in the app. Additional features like limit orders and recurring buys/sells are also roadmap items.

Interest Earnings on Crypto & Fiat Balances

A major attraction of Onus is its competitive savings program. The platform pays daily compound interest of up to 12% APY on all idle VNDC (app's base currency) balances held without any lock-up period. This provides an attractive alternative to Vietnam's traditional bank deposits yielding just 2-6% annually.

Interest is also earned on 15 additional cryptocurrency balances held on Onus, such as 5-8% on USDT, ETH and BTC. These yield opportunities open the door for Vietnamese users to benefit from the growth of crypto as an emerging asset class while still maintaining control over their private keys.

On-Ramps to Crypto with Low Minimums

By allowing purchases as small as 100,000 VND (~$4 USD), Onus removed a major barrier that previously discouraged Vietnamese from participating in cryptocurrency markets. This has empowered thousands of smaller retail traders and investors to practice portfolio strategies and dollar-cost averaging with limited capital. 

Additionally, Onus incorporates competitive conversion rates and flat trading fees ranging from 0.6-1% based on 30-day volume. Withdrawal fees are also reasonable at under 1% for most major cryptocurrencies. This has established Onus as an affordable platform to securely buy, sell and hold a variety of digital assets.

Security, Auditing & Regulations

Onus prioritizes security and regulatory compliance by hosting the majority of funds in offline cold storage solutions. The platform undergoes frequent external security audits by independent firms and shares these assessment reports publicly on its website and social media channels in the interests of transparency.

Legally, Onus is registered and officially licensed by Vietnamese authorities to operate as a cryptocurrency exchange and wallet service within the country - a competitive advantage as the domestic regulatory framework progresses. 

Onus also maintains rigorous Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) protocols to satisfy all compliance standards. Fiat deposits and withdrawals are processed instantly via partner integration with major Vietnamese banks like Vietinbank, Vietcombank and Agribank.

Convenience of Onboarding Process  

Registering and verifying identity on Onus takes just minutes through a streamlined process directly within the mobile app. New users are even rewarded with a 30,000 VND (~$1.30 USD) sign-up bonus upon completing basic KYC requirements like uploading identification documents.

Who is Onus Best Suited For?

- Vietnamese retail traders looking to practice trading strategies with small capital

- Users seeking competitive interest rates as an alternative to traditional bank deposits  

- Medium-term "buy and hold" crypto investors capturing upside potential

- Those interested in cryptocurrency but intimidated by more complex exchanges

With its seamless user experience, low minimums, high yields and tight localization for Vietnamese customers, Onus has emerged as a popular onboarding ramp for the country's growing crypto consumer class. This advantage positions Onus well to capture further market share as adoption accelerates.


Onus' strategic focus on lowering accessibility barriers through micro-trading, compelling interest opportunities and strong domestic integration has fueled its rapid expansion in Vietnam. Looking ahead, Onus is well-positioned to benefit from Vietnam's rising cryptocurrency adoption rates among both retail and commercial users. For those seeking a secure and regulated platform to participate in this emerging asset class, Onus presents a compelling value proposition.


Is Onus storage safe and how is user funds protected?

Onus prioritizes security by storing the vast majority of cryptocurrency reserves in offline cold storage solutions, with less than 1% maintained in hot wallets for operational needs. The platform also undergoes biannual external security audits by independent firms to ensure prudent protocols are followed. Additionally, Onus maintains its own Security Response Team that monitors systems around the clock for any anomalies.

What payment methods are available for depositing and withdrawing fiat money?

Currently, users can only deposit and withdraw Vietnamese Dong (VND) via bank transfer integration with major domestic partners like Vietcombank, VietinBank, Agribank and others. Onus is actively working to incorporate additional cross-border payment options in the future to facilitate greater international access and mobility of funds on the platform.

How do trading and conversion fees work on Onus?  

Trading fees on Onus range from 0.6-1% depending on monthly trade volume tiers. For conversions between VNDC (app currency) and cryptocurrencies, rates are dynamically priced with a typical spread of 0.5%. Withdrawal fees vary by coin but are generally less than 1% to supported blockchains and external wallet addresses.

Does Onus have staking and lending programs?

Yes, in addition to competitive savings rates offered on idle balances, Onus has launched staking programs allowing users to stake select proof-of-stake coins directly in the app to earn additional yields. The platform is also working to incorporate crypto lending and borrowing opportunities in the future to provide new earning potential for both lenders and borrowers of digital assets.

How long does it take to complete the onboarding and verification process?  

Onus strives to keep its onboarding flow as streamlined as possible. In general, new users can expect to complete sign-up, perform selfie verification, and pass identity checks like uploading a government ID within 5-10 minutes using the mobile app. Funds are then available for trading and depositing instantly once the verification process is finished.

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