Monsterra Integration on Aura Network Marks a Milestone for Cosmos Gaming

The GameFi sector within the blockchain industry has seen tremendous growth over the past year with the rise of Play-to-Earn gaming models. One of the most popular GameFi titles, Monsterra, recently marked a major milestone by integrating with Aura Network, making it the first interchain game deployed on Cosmos. This integration opens up new possibilities for gaming within the Cosmos ecosystem and expands the reach of Aura Network.

Monsterra Integration on Aura Network Marks a Milestone for Cosmos Gaming

In this in-depth analysis, we will delve into the key details and implications of Monsterra's launch on Aura Network. We will discuss how this partnership benefits both projects and what it means for the future of GameFi on Cosmos. 

Monsterra Goes Live on Aura Network

Monsterra is a popular NFT game that was previously launched on chains like BNB Chain, Avalanche and OKX Chain. On December 12th, 2023, Monsterra announced it had been integrated with Aura Network, making it the fourth blockchain supported. This move positioned Monsterra as the first Play-to-Earn and interchain game deployed on Cosmos, the blockchain Aura Network is built on top of.

This rollout signifies the emergence of a new wave of GameFi taking root within the Cosmos ecosystem. It establishes Aura Network as a gateway connecting to the gaming world within this environment. The integration follows Monsterra's highly successful sale of Ancient Treasure Box NFTs on SeekHYPE, Aura Network's NFT marketplace, which sold out in under a minute.

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A Major Technological Milestone 

The deployment of Monsterra on Aura Network also represents a major technological achievement. Through the CosmWasm solution, game assets and tokens were ported over to Aura Network. Monsterra's NFTs will be converted into Cosmos IBC compatible NFTs using the ICS-721 standard developed by Stargaze. This allows for interchain transfers capability.

Moreover, Monsterra can now be played on mobile devices thanks to Aura Network's Unity SDK. This helps bridge the gap between traditional gaming and blockchain gaming experiences within the Cosmos ecosystem.

Monsterra Integration on Aura Network Marks a Milestone for Cosmos Gaming

Bringing User-Friendly Apps to Cosmos

While Cosmos is renowned for innovations like the Cosmos SDK, IBC and CosmWasm, Aura Network's representative noted that the ecosystem still lacked user-friendly applications for mainstream users. Along with partners like Stargaze and Omniflix, Aura Network aims to spearhead this, bringing products beyond the scope of traditional finance and infrastructure apps to Cosmos. 

Benefits of the Partnership

By selecting Aura Network as its partner, Monsterra gains access to a high-performance, user-friendly blockchain platform. It also validates Aura Network's transaction processing efficiency and capabilities. 

This collaboration is expected to not only attract new users to Cosmos but also strengthen Aura Network's leading position within the ecosystem. It shows the mutually-beneficial relationships between progressive Web3 projects and the technologies Aura Network provides, opening up a new era of "Internet of Blockchains" on Cosmos.

Celebrating the Launch with $20,000 in Rewards

To commemorate Monsterra's launch on Aura Network, both projects are running an event from December 12-25, 2023 that gives out a total of $20,000 USD in prizes. Players can experience the game immediately at

Daily Quests: Those who complete daily quests on Monsterra normally earn in-game token MAG. But on Aura Network, players can skip quests for 5 days and get entered to win $5 USD. 100 lucky winners will be selected.

Staking Contest: By staking a minimum of 2 MSTR governance tokens, users can participate in a raffle to win $10 USD. Another 100 winners will be chosen.

In-Game Engagement Rewards: The top 5 players with the most active on-chain transactions on Aura Network win $250 each. The top 5 with highest levels receive a $1000 pool. And the top 5 who invite the most friends sharing their MSTR will split a $2000 pool.

Accessing MSTR and MAG on Aura Network

Players can obtain MSTR and MAG governance/utility tokens on Aura Network by using the MSTR-MAG-AURA liquidity pool on HaloTrade, Aura's DEX. This integration streamlines the Monsterra gaming experience on Aura Network.

Future of Gaming within Cosmos

Monsterra's rollout on Aura Network marks a milestone for both projects. It paves the way for other blockchain games to join Cosmos. As the first Play-to-Earn game, Monsterra is expected to demonstrate Cosmos' unrealized potential beyond DeFi applications. 

With Aura Network's focus on bridging mainstream users to web3 through optimized experiences, we may see an influx of innovative GameFi projects launch on Cosmos in the coming years, fueling an explosion of inclusive, accessible blockchain gaming worldwide.


Monsterra's launch on Aura Network represents a major milestone for both projects as well as the future of GameFi on Cosmos. As the first Play-to-Earn game deployed on the blockchain, it opens up huge potential to introduce mainstream users to blockchain experiences through entertainment. 

The partnership between Monsterra and Aura Network not only benefits both parties, but also helps make Cosmos a more well-rounded ecosystem with richer applications. With its vision of bringing Web3 and blockchain closer to users, Aura Network is poised to attract more quality projects to join Cosmos going forward.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How can I play Monsterra on Aura Network?

  Users can visit the game homepage at and connect their Aura Portal wallet.

2. How can I earn tokens in Monsterra?  

Complete daily quests to earn MAG tokens, stake/lock MSTR tokens to participate in lucky draw events.

3. Does Monsterra support Vietnamese language?

Currently the Monsterra game interface does not support Vietnamese yet. But players can still fully enjoy the game in English.

4. When will Monsterra have new events on Aura Network?

 Stay tuned to Monsterra's official Facebook page for updates on upcoming activities.

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