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Fintech24h - Proven Leaders in Blockchain Marketing  

Established in 2021, Fintech24h has quickly become one of the top providers of specialized crypto marketing services globally. With a proven track record of campaign success spanning over 200 clients, their expertise can help propel your project to the next level.

  • Deep Industry Knowledge 

Through hands-on experience launching numerous blockchain initiatives, Fintech24h's team has amassed unprecedented insight into technical concepts, tokenomics, market cycles and more. This real-world expertise enables them to strategize precisely for any project stage or objective.

  • Comprehensive Service Suite

Rather than one-off tactics, Fintech24h delivers fully integrated marketing solutions addressing the full spectrum of growth levers. Services include community building, partnerships, advertising, content, social media, design and more for holistically optimized results.  

  • Regional & Global Reach 

With fluency in major Asian languages as well as English, Russian and Arabic, Fintech24h accesses hard-to-reach international communities. Regional expertise further empowers nuanced strategies tailored for nuanced Asian, European or global audiences.

  • Collaborative Approach

Rather than acting solely as an external vendor, Fintech24h immerses themselves as long-term partners. Their flexible engagement models cooperate optimally within project workflows and timelines for sustained synergy.

  • Measurable Impact 

Past initiatives drove outcomes such as 2x user growth, successful IDO launches generating millions in volume, top CEX listings under 90 days, and front page placements on leading media. Data-centric methodologies continuously optimize ROI. 

  • Technical Proficiency

With backgrounds in both business and engineering, Fintech24h core team offers dual technical and commercial perspectives to advise through all development stages.

  • Tailored Growth Packages 

Customized monthly marketing solutions catered precisely to objectives rather than inflexible hourly rates sustain results over the long run within optimized budgets.   

  • Strategic Consulting

Fintech24h helps design optimal tokenomics models, development roadmaps and go-to-market blueprints leveraging cross-industry learnings at the highest level.

Key Crypto Marketing Services

Specializing in the nuanced demands of crypto, Fintech24h's full suite addresses every facet of the user lifecycle.

  • Community Building & Management

This includes community forums, channels, giveaways and customized engagement programs to rapidly scale passionate supporters. Fintech24h fosters long-term dedication through innovative experiences.

  • Partnership & Exchange Development  

With extensive network exposure across the entire ecosystem, Fintech24h secures the most fitting high impact partnerships and expedited top-tier exchange listings to accelerate growth.

  • Influencer & Affiliate Marketing

Strategic outreach to influential profiles and affiliates in niche communities activates dedicated word-of-mouth evangelism for viral growth. 

  • Content Marketing & Public Relations

High-quality original articles, infographics, videos and press placements in major outlets raise awareness and educate target audiences on your vision through emotional storytelling.

  • Performance Advertising

Precise targeting leveraging strategic media partnerships amplifies your message to those most ready to adopt through programmatic platform advertising.  

  • Design & Branded Assets

Professional visual identity, Graphics, and multimedia strengthen your brand message and foster instant affinity within the crypto space.

  • Social Media Management  

Ongoing calendarized posting, engaging conversations and strategic campaigns across all major platforms extend constant reach and top-of-funnel insights.

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Proven Results For Demanding Clients

Through meticulous optimization based on real-time tracking, Fintech24h helps ambitious projects surpass even loftiest objectives. Here's a sampling:

- User growth of 300% through a 90-day community acceleration program 

- A protocol's highest ever weekly trading volume of $13M following exchange listing campaign  

- Top influencer collaboration generating over 18,000 signups within a week

- Front-page placements on CoinTelegraph, and CryptoSlate from PR campaign

- Successful IDO launch on a tier-1 platform, raising $3M in a single day

- Client awarded "Global Exchange of the Year" title post-integrated rebranding   

- $850,000 monthly user acquisition spend managed across performance channels

- Multiplication of social media follower counts by 10x in under four months

Flexible Engagement & Pricing  

Rather than hourly fees that inhibit agility, Fintech24h offers customized monthly marketing packages tailored precisely for each growth stage:

- Bronze Package $5,000/mo for seed-stage startups 

- Silver Package $10,000/mo for community acceleration 

- Gold Package $20,000/mo for advanced user acquisition

- Platinum Package $30,000/mo for top-tier exchange listings

In addition to competitive nonprofit rates, some projects opt to compensate partially in native tokens instead of fiat for extra motivation. Short-term and project-based work is also available per discussion.

In Summary 

As the most experienced provider of specialized crypto marketing worldwide since 2021, Fintech24h leverages immense technical know-how and a results-focused methodology to successfully advance ambitious projects. From initial brainstorming through long-term growth, their full-service integrated solutions expertly navigate this dynamic industry's complex landscape. To discuss strategizing for your next important milestones, explore engagement and pricing models tailored precisely for your vision.


1. What blockchains or verticals have you worked with in the past?

We have experience spanning the full spectrum of blockchain verticals including DeFi, NFTs, gaming, metaverse projects and more. Some of the chains we frequently partner with include Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Solana and Cardano.

2. Can you provide client references?

Absolutely, though for privacy we ask you contact us directly to discuss references so we may obtain permission first. Some public case studies can also be found on our website and blog.

3. Do you conduct marketing for Asian or non-English projects?

Yes, being based in Asia ourselves we have deep experience catering strategies and campaigns for regional markets. With language capabilities beyond English, we regularly partner with projects addressing Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese communities as well.

4. What is your marketing process?

Our systematic 4-phase approach involves discovery, solution design, implementation with OKRs and launch/optimization. This ensures initiatives are tailored precisely and optimized through ongoing refinement based on real-time measurement against objectives. 

5. How long have you been in business?

Fintech24h was established in early 2021, making us one of the most experienced crypto-native agencies globally with nearly 4 years of comprehensive hands-on experience in this innovative industry.

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