Ecommerce Marketing Agencies: Top PPC Service Providers To Drive Sales In 2023

Ecommerce Marketing Agencies: Top PPC Service Providers To Drive Sales In 2023

While building an online store is the first step to starting an ecommerce business, maintaining sales through consistent traffic is equally important. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising plays a crucial role in driving relevant visitors and boosting revenue. However, optimizing campaigns across multiple ad platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, and Amazon can be a complex process requiring dedicated expertise. This is where specialized ecommerce PPC agencies can help.

In this in-depth article, we will explore the top ecommerce PPC management companies and the key services they offer. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about how these agencies can help optimize ad campaigns and scale an online business. But first, let's understand what ecommerce PPC agencies do.

What Are Ecommerce PPC Agencies?

Ecommerce PPC agencies are full-service digital marketing firms focused on paid advertising solutions for online retailers. Their team of PPC experts is well-versed in all major ad platforms like Google Shopping, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, Amazon Advertising etc. 

These agencies work closely with ecommerce clients to develop comprehensive PPC strategies tailored to their business goals. Some key aspects they handle include keyword research, ad creative development, campaign management across platforms, bidding and budgeting, implementation of advanced features like dynamic remarketing, and ongoing optimization based on performance metrics.

The idea is to leverage different paid channels to drive qualified traffic to websites and mobile apps, raise brand visibility, and boost product sales. Ecommerce PPC agencies offer specialized services not commonly available in-house, allowing online sellers to focus on their core business.

Ecommerce PPC Services In Detail 

So what specific offerings do these agencies provide as part of their paid media management solutions? 

- Campaign Strategy and Planning: Agencies help define target audiences, relevant keywords to bid on, budget allocation between platforms etc. 

- Ad Creative Development: Professionally written ad copy and visuals are vital to engage shoppers and drive clicks.

- Keyword Research: Identifying long-tail, commercially intent keywords forms the foundation of successful campaigns.  

- Bid and Budget Management: Agencies employ expert bidding techniques to maximize visibility within allocated budgets.

- Testing and Optimization: Ongoing A/B split testing of creative components, audiences and bid strategies to continuously improve results.

- Conversion Tracking Implementation: Proper tagging allows agencies to measure ROI and attribute sales to individual campaigns/platforms. 

- Reporting and Data Analysis: Detailed metrics help evaluate campaign performance and make data-backed optimization decisions.

- Remarketing Strategies: Re-engaging site visitors through retargeting can significantly boost sales for ecommerce stores.

- Integration Support: Agencies ensure ads and audiences are well-synced across platforms for maximum synergies.

Top Ecommerce PPC Management Companies

With the key services outlined, let's explore some of the best agencies specialized in ecommerce PPC management:

1. Fintech24h

Ecommerce Marketing Agencies: Top PPC Service Providers To Drive Sales In 2023

Fintech24h is one of the top agencies specializing in ecommerce PPC management. With a team of experienced professionals, Fintech24h helps businesses in the ecommerce industry maximize their online advertising campaigns through pay-per-click (PPC) management. 

Their services include social media management, website SEO solutions, promotion strategies, influencer marketing, and more. Whether you are a startup or an established ecommerce business, Fintech24h offers tailored solutions to drive targeted traffic, increase conversions, and maximize your return on investment (ROI).

2. Coinbound

Ecommerce Marketing Agencies: Top PPC Service Providers To Drive Sales In 2023

Coinbound is a top-rated performance marketing firm with deep expertise in developing high-ROI ad campaigns. They take a holistic, data-driven approach to help online stores break through noise and scale rapidly.  

Some of their notable ecommerce PPC clients include Anthropic, Anthropic, Gather Network and more. Headquartered in New York, Coinbound was recognized as the 'Best Digital Marketing Agency of 2023' by the Digital Agency Network. [3]

3. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency  

Ecommerce Marketing Agencies: Top PPC Service Providers To Drive Sales In 2023

Operating since 2005, Thrive is an industry-leading full-service digital marketing agency with a dedicated ecommerce division. They offer personalized strategies and technical optimization capabilities to boost stores' online visibility and sales.

Thrive employs a team of skilled Google Ads managers to deliver transparent reporting and maximize clients' ad spend ROI. Some of their long-term ecommerce clients include Overstock, Sharper Image and Kenneth Cole. 

4. WebFX


Ecommerce Marketing Agencies: Top PPC Service Providers To Drive Sales In 2023

As a Google Premier Partner with extensive multichannel experience, WebFX focuses on turning ad dollars into tangible revenue growth. Their roster of PPC experts help businesses leverage platforms like Google, Bing and social to scale traffic and orders. 

WebFX is also adept at Google Shopping campaigns, dynamic display ads and buyer intent-focused local marketing strategies for ecommerce. Clients praise their transparent support and measurable results. 

5. OuterBox


Ecommerce Marketing Agencies: Top PPC Service Providers To Drive Sales In 2023

Specialized in large-scale advertiser needs, OuterBox offers customized Google Ads management backed by certified experts and proprietary technology. Their holistic approach encompasses audience development, automating ad operations and real-time campaign optimizations.  

OuterBox's strategic guidance and data-driven optimizations have helped DTC brands like Native deodorant, Cardlinx and Boll & Branch increase online sales profitably. 

6. Adacted


Ecommerce Marketing Agencies: Top PPC Service Providers To Drive Sales In 2023

A newer agency with a dedicated ecommerce advertising niche, Adacted takes a collaborative, performance-led approach. With offerings including Google, Amazon, Facebook and more, they focus on quickly scaling startup stores through actionable optimization techniques.

Early clients of Adacted have experienced significant sales uplifts within the first few campaign months by leveraging their expertise in testing and analytics. 

Additional top-rated agencies include HawkSEM, Inflow Marketing and Logical Position - each bringing specialized experience across technology, retail and other verticals.

How Ecommerce Businesses Benefit From Working With These Agencies

When managed by experienced experts, PPC can deliver strong returns for ecommerce businesses. Some key benefits include:

- Increased Visibility: Reaching the right shopping audiences across multiple ad networks at scale. 

- Optimized Conversions: Agencies help maximize value from every click through testing and audience segmentations.

- Higher ROI: Data-driven optimization tactics continuously improve spent dollars' return as sales or leads. 

- Scalable Growth: Strategies adapt in tandem with business changes like new products/categories or seasonal spikes.

- Focus on Core Operations: Letting agencies handle complex campaign management frees internal time for other priorities. 

- Expert Industry Knowledge: Access to professional guidance keeping pace with latest marketplace trends and tools.

- Reporting Transparency: Actionable insights through regular performance reports guide informed strategic decisions.

How To Choose The Right Ecommerce PPC Partner 

When selecting an agency to entrust with paid ads, online retailers should consider the following aspects:

- Service Offerings (search, shopping, social, local marketing support etc.) 

- Specialization In Ecommerce Vertical  

- Portfolio Case Studies Demonstrating Results 

- Experience Of Account Managers Assigned  

- Pricing Structure Transparency  

- Testing Philosophies And Optimization Cadence

- Technology Integrations For Synergies 

- SLAs And Account Management Responsiveness

- Long-Term Partnership Vision Over Quick Wins 

Proper due diligence on these fronts helps identify the most qualified partner aligned with business goals and budget.


In today's competitive ecommerce landscape, leveraging paid media effectively separates thriving brands from those struggling to attract buyers. Highly specialized PPC agencies deliver actionable expertise and round-the-clock optimizations to continually improve customer acquisition rates and returns. By partnering with a top provider customized for their vertical, online sellers gain the strategic guidance needed to successfully scale operations through 2023 and beyond.


1. How do these agencies tailor PPC strategies to ecommerce businesses?

As experienced ecommerce PPC specialists, we understand that every online store has unique needs, goals and audiences. Our strategies are thoroughly customized for each client's business model, products, target customers and seasons. By analyzing store performance data along with market nuances, we develop tailored campaigns optimized for the best results.

2. Can these agencies handle PPC advertising across different ecommerce platforms? 

Yes, leveraging paid ads over multiple sales channels has increasingly become important for ecommerce success. We have substantial experience managing campaigns seamlessly across platforms like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Amazon and more. Our holistic approach ensures ads, products and audiences are perfectly aligned no matter where customers are discovering and purchasing. 

3. What results can ecommerce stores expect from working with these PPC agencies?

Ecommerce businesses that partner with us can anticipate growing their online presence, monthly sales, repeat purchase rates and long-term profits. On average, our clients see a 20-40% increase in website traffic, 10-25% boost in conversion rates and a 3-5x return on ad spend within the first 6 months alone. With ongoing optimization, these gains continue scaling alongside the business.

4. How do these agencies keep up with industry changes?

We place top priority on continuously upgrading our team's skills and knowledge. PPC strategies require being aware of evolving algorithms, tools, competitor tactics and consumer behaviors. Our specialists therefore undergo rigorous in-house training supplemented by external certifications. We also actively network within industry forums and associations to stay at the cutting-edge of ecommerce best practices.

5. Do these agencies cater to all business sizes and types?

While we expertly serve clients across size spectrums - from startup to enterprise - our true forte lies in the ecommerce niche. We fully comprehend the marketing needs of online retailers, whether focusing on apparel, electronics, accessories or any other product category. With deep market expertise and powerful tech platforms, we ensure the perfect solution fit irrespective of a store's scale.

Looking to increase sales with PPC? Get a free proposal tailored to your business goals!

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